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50 Berkeley Square

If you dare to explore the haunted house at 50 Berkeley Square, London, or even wish to linger around its dreaded vicinity you must be vigilant.

50 Berkeley Square

Never has a house be known to be more haunted in the past. Great Britain has a great many number of castles, forts, buildings and institutions built hundreds of years ago. Many of them have vivid tales of ghost sightings and haunting experiences over the ages. People unfamiliar with the happenings at 50 Berkeley Square often wonder how a house posed as a library for so many years could be even more frightening, and It is my belief that anybody who does not admit hauntings is in for a big surprise. The house at 50 Berkeley Square easily outwits a lot of its contenders and is the most feared house in all of London, and certainly amongst the top most frightening places in the whole of the country, too.

50 Berkeley Square Haunted

The house at 50 Berkeley Square built around the likes of Piccadilly and Queens Walk lies the famous store of Magg’s Brothers. Decorated with high plaster ceilings with over-mantle mirrors, marble floors and fireplaces it had remained the domain of Magg’s Brothers antiquarian booksellers for several years. The house has long been home to famous and unknown writers whose leather bound volumes are stored in rows of mahogany bookcases. If you wonder yet what is so sinister in 50 Berkeley Square read on. The place has witnessed such terrifying incidents that it was labeled the most haunted house in the 19th century.

The most Haunted House in England

As one of the rooms in the mansion of the the most haunted house in England had experienced unworldly acts two foolhardy men who wished to challenge the haunting paid with their lives: A nobleman who disputed the existence of the entity went ahead and spent the night alone inside the room. It was decided that he was to ring a bell should anything go wrong and the others would rescue him. It so happened that sometime in the middle of the night there were several ferocious rings. When he was found minutes later the man was in a terrible state with eyes bulging out in fear. He could not be saved and died soon after.

Some years later two sailors chanced their way into the empty building at 50 Berkeley Square. Later in the night they heard loud footsteps on the staircase within moments of which their door was blasted open and a shapeless mass started oozing through the door. One of the men went past it and returned with a police officer only to find his friend sprawled dead on the railing outside. What exactly forced the man to jump is still a mystery. Most people who have visited the house or have worked there have confessed to the existence of psychic energy within its walls. Some employees confirmed to having eerie feelings while working at the account department while others reported shocking incident of spectacles hanging in mid air.

The lore of 50 Berkley Square is historic but its reality still gives shivers as it always did.

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2 Responses to “50 Berkeley Square”
  1. next year my small paranormal group would like to do a sponsored ghosthunt for the british heart foundation.we come from hampshire we are mostly all spiritualists so we work with spirit and we are looking for a place to go too.please would you consider letting us do an overnight vigil there.if there is a charge we will pay although we cannot afford a huge sum.please would you consider us.kindest regards sue williams.

  2. Red says:

    Unfortunately, it needs to be made known that the current owner of Maggs Brothers Books is a disbeliever in ghosts on par with the famous arch skeptic Michael Shermer ( author of The God Delusion )! This man cannot and WILL not believe in ghosts! And he is SICK and TIRED of being pestered by everything from curious snoopers to psychics and paranormal investigators! Those working at the book store have been instructed to NOT answer questions about ghosts, demons, or ANYthing of that nature! So there you have it! Unfortunately. This is why #50 Berkeley Square is so rarely ever talked about despite the rising interest in the paranormal! No one is allowed to “investigate” it. And until such time ( if ever ) the house becomes “vacant” again, the ghosts haunting the premises will continue to have a very SAFE haven, indeed.

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