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Arundel Castle

The castles of Great Britain have long been known, and included in fiction by numerous novelists, authors, and writers for their haunted history and vivid ghost stories. Great Britain has always had a rich history of castles. While some of them have diminished over time, others still exist, some of them renovated. Almost all of the remaining castles seem to be the residence of some ghost or the other. Their sightings have long been recorded and preserved throughout a history spanning centuries. Among the famous castles that do share the top positions in ghost sightings is the haunted Arundel Castle.

Arundel Castle

Home to the Duke of Norfolk, Arundel Castle was built during the time of Edward the confessor and was later completed during Roger de Montegomery’s time who incidentally later became the master of this impressive castle. The castle has been home to many a famous families related to the crown and nobility. Arundel Castle, which was devastated due to a fire that broke out during the seventeenth century was recently renovated and brought back to its former glory and beauty. The Arundel castle’s records, footmen, and groundsmen all repeatedly account to the vision of four ghosts altogether as well as white bird.

The Ghosts of Arundel Castle

The first ghost is that of a child who is believed to have been a servant in the kitchen. It is said that around 200 years ago he used to work there and was severely punished and tortured by his master. He is often seen scurrying in the kitchen, cleaning pots and pans. The second ghost is that of a lady dressed in white, particularly on moonlight nights. As she is noticed mostly near the Hiorne’s tower, which resides behind the main castle near the Arundel Park, people are heard saying that it was a suicide from the tower that led to her death. Legend also says that the loss of her lover had led to her demise. The third ghost is one of the oldest residents of the wizened castle dating back to the times of King Charles II. Usually regarded as the ‘blue man’ he is often seen wandering about the castles library, looking for or searching through books. Though others in the castle have not confirmed his existence with surety, the fourth ghost is that of a person in white hair dressed in a tunic, seen near the foot of the footbridge by an employee who had gone there to switch off the lights.

The White Bird in Arundel Castle

Most interestingly, the last paranormal phenomena that resides in Arundel Castle is neither a ghost of a man nor of a woman. It is but a small white bird seen to be fluttering about the windows of the castle. Though the visioning of this bird is scarce, people in the castle believe it is related to tragedy. Whenever the bird is sighted it leads to the imminent death of a person related to the castle.

Though creepy enough to send shivers down the spine, the myth of Arundel Castle is unmistakably addictive and equally curious ensuring that ghost hunters never give up on this one.

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  1. Marie says:

    Wish they would send someone in to find out if the ghost of the little boy is active. I’m sure he’d appreciate being taken from a place where he suffered so badly.

    Sorry, I hate stories of hurt children, in any way.

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