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Chillingham Castle

Unlike other buildings of this kind, the haunted Chillingham Castle has remained the property of the same family and its branches from the 12th century to the present time. This castle is in the village of Chillingham, in the northern part of Northumberland, England. It was the home of the Grey family and, later, their descendants, the Earls of Tankerville. The current owner is Sir Humphry Wakefield whose wife, the Hon. Lady Wakefield, is the daughter of the former Lady Mary Grey, a descendant of the historic Chillingham family line.

Chillingham Castle

Photo 1 of Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle was first built to be used as a monastery in the later half of the 12th century. Being on the border between England and Scotland, it was a natural stop-over for English armies going north to attack Scotland as well as an obvious preliminary military target for Scottish armies heading the other way to lay waste to England. Under the circumstances, the singing of psalms had to make way for the clanging of arms and armor. In 1344, King Edward III gave the incumbent lord of the castle a license to crenellate, thus formally confirming the status of Chillingham Castle as a fully fortified castle.

There is also much unlicensed paranormal activity in the building which confirms its status as a very, if not the most, haunted castle in Britain, as often touted by its owner.

Haunted Chillingham Castle

The most famous ghost of the castle is the Blue Boy, often sighted in the Pink Room. Guests who spent the night in the Pink Room had reported hearing a loud wail from the walls. Then they would see blue flashes and a blue “halo” of light above their beds. The possible origin of these mysterious sightings was revealed when renovation work uncovered a ghastly discovery behind a ten-foot-thick wall.

Workmen found the remains of a man and a young boy entombed within the wall. There were also some documents which dated back to the Spanish Armada. Near the bodies, there were small marks etched into the wall. On examination, the skeletal hands of the boy showed a strange abnormality. The bones of the finger tips had been worn down. What could have happened?

Chillingham Castle

Photo 2 of Chillingham Castle

For reasons yet unknown, the man and the boy had been entombed in a small space between the walls. The man may, or may not, had been alive at the time of the forced burial but the evidence showed that the boy was certainly alive at that time. Imagine his horror as the last brick was put in place, cutting off the last glimmer of light and hope. How he must have screamed and clawed at the unyielding wall. It is highly likely that he went mad before he died. The blue light seen by the guests in the Pink Room is a measure of the intensity of his feelings before he left this world.

Since the discovery of the skeletal remains within the wall, the haunting of the Blue Boy has not occurred again. However there are still many other spectral sightings in Chillingham Castle. One such Chillingham Castle Ghost still very much in residence can be found in the Inner Pantry.

Chillingham Castle Ghost of the Inner Pantry

The Inner Pantry is where the silverware is stored. As such, a footman is assigned to sleep there to keep an eye on things. Apparently, there is also something else in the Inner Pantry to keep him company. One night, after the footman on duty got ready to call it a day, he was confronted by a lady in white. She looked very pale. She begged him for water.

Thinking that she was one of the guests in the castle, the footman turned to get the water she asked for. Then he remembered that he had already locked the door to the Inner Pantry on the way in. So no one could have possibly come in after him. It can be safely assumed that he made an extraordinarily quick exit from the Inner Pantry when he realized this. Other people have also sighted this lady in white. It is thought that she might be the apparition of someone who had died of poisoning because of the plea for water.

Paranormal Activity in the Chapel

Chillingham CastleSome of the ghosts in Chillingham Castle are only heard but not seen. In the chapel, beside the Great Hall, sometimes the voices of two men talking can be heard when there is no one else around.

Their voices were audible but the words they were saying were not clear enough to be understood. If any serious attempt was made to locate the source of the voices, they stopped talking altogether.

Chillingham Castle Ghost Hunt?

At night, in the courtyard, when the moon shines its baleful light across the worn flagstones, the shadows of the battlements seem to take on a life of its own. Whether it is just the moonlight playing tricks with the eye or something more is something for the visitors to Chillingham Castle to find out for themselves.

Any volunteers for Chillingham Castle ghost hunt?

Photo 1 courtesy of Ryan Davison
Photo 2 courtesy of Steven Watson
Small photo courtesy of Icypop

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