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Introduction to Haunted Places in England

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England, among other things, is famous for its many castles with histories which date backs centuries. Yet, many of these impressive castles are haunted, of course!

Here on our site you find the full story of the most haunted castles in England including how the paranormal activities manifests as well as explanations what lead to the spook and haunting.

Apart from the most haunted castles in England we also shed a light on other places known for paranormal phenomena including, for instance, Samlesburry Hall, the Mindsen Chapel, as well as 50 Berkeley Square, the most haunted house in England. More haunted places in England will be regularly added to our site in the course of time.

Visitors who do not yet believe in ghosts can be assured that alone the stories behind the paranormal activities England are well worth reading, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some change their minds when reading about places where innocent people have been killed or love ended tragically, two common reasons for haunting.

Now enjoy our insight stories of England’s haunted castles and places, and please feel free to post a comment. If you have some time left you may also be interested visiting our sister site which is all about haunted and mysterious places in the USA including the Queen Mary haunting for example.

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