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Samlesbury Hall

There are several castles, manors, mansions and houses in England that are famous for their fearsome tales. Several of these places are frightening enough to keep trespassers at bay but few share the same reputation as the Samlesbury Hall. The history of the 700 years old hall is full of tales about ghosts residing within its walls. Samlesbury Hall is a history rich heritage building operated as a charitable trust. It is widely said and acknowledged that the hall has more ghosts than many other haunted houses put together. So famous are the stories at Samlesbury Hall that they are often attended by and offered to to ghost investigators for study.

Samlesbury Hall

Samlesbury Hall

The White Lady at Samlesbury Hall

The hall was built in thirteen hundred and twenty five and since then has had several unnatural deaths within its domain. Almost all investigative groups from England and outside have reported the presence of a lady called Dorothy, more commonly known as the ‘White Lady’. It is said that she was deeply in love with a noble man from a protestant family. Even though their families disagreed, they continued their meetings in private away from public eyes. However, on the day they wished to flee her brother caught them and ended up killing the young man and two of his accomplices. This event made Lady Dorothy insane and eventually lead to her death in a convent abroad.

Other Spooks at Samlesbury Hall

Another incident reported is that of a woman dragging a child behind in the hall. It is believed that she too had died within the hall. The third common occurrence is that of a priest who was murdered a long time back. Even though the entire flooring was removed and new flooring re-laid, bloodstains still exist on the very spot where the priests’ decapitated body once lay. Joseph Harrison who was once the owner of the hall is also known to move about it. Historians say that he spent an awful lot of money on the renovations and shot himself at the end when found that he was unable of paying back.

The story of the last ghost is most interesting of all. One of the visitors staying at the hall had seen an old man with a patch over one eye also missing several teeth. When the visitor tried to confirm the old man’s presence from his fellow guests none agreed to see such a man. A few days later, the same person saw the man in a London elevator. On seeing this, he got scared and leapt out of the elevator and soon thereafter the elevator crashed along with its attendant. The hotel later confirmed that there were no such attendants.

Though the spooky activities at Samlesbury Hall can’t be proved scientifically they certainly can’t be disregarded outright.

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2 Responses to “Samlesbury Hall”
  1. Zoe says:

    How do I arrange a visit to this location?

  2. tracey wilkinson says:

    I have had some very strange experiences at Salmesbury Hall when I visited there with my children.I don’t believe the story of the white lady,but I did see a room full of spirits from the Tudor period in the room above the chapel and a women with a young child,another woman who i thought could have been a servant from the 17 ht century who I believe died violently at the hands of a drunken man,a man who walks along the minstrels gallery who was a soldier again from sometime in the 17th century,Oh and a nasty spirit of a young man in the priest hole from the 18th century who I don’t believe is William Harrison,a mystery really as I believe he died in that priest hole.The only nice’ spirit I felt there was a Victorian woman who was a the head mistress of a school,who had aspirations of being a writer!The last spirit I felt was a drunken soldier from the period of the first world war,can’t think what he’d be doing there! all very weird, especially considering I have physically attacked twice by something I could’nt see,don’t think I will be going again

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