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Ram Inn

The ancient Ram Inn situated in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, is home to sightings which have baffled both, investigators as well as religious professors. The location of this haunted inn is situated on a pagan burial ground where there were many rituals and black magic acts were carried out during that time. The ancient Ram Inn is one of the oldest buildings in this place and doubles up as a history museum. Spectral apparitions and poltergeists are the heart of the debate that surrounds it.

Ram Inn

Ram Inn

The Haunting continue unless and until the resident ghost or poltergeist is removed and banished from the establishment. The most number of times when paranormal activities occur are due to the untimely death of the previous inhabitants of the dwelling. There are number of paranormal activities over the past years wherein sightings of ghosts and poltergeists have been recorded for scientific and research purposes. The confirmed sightings of the Ram Inn should be enough to convict even those people who for one reason or the other have doubted paranormal activities.

Ram Inn Paranormal Activity

The inn has had numerous owners and inhabitants. It was first the property of the church. Priests used the house for keeping slaves and workers who were involved in the construction of the nearby church of St. Mary. The ownership of the Ram then changed hands in the year 1350 when it was bought by an individual named Maurice de Bathe. Since then the inn is a private property and has seen many ownerships during its long history. Among the Ram Inn paranormal activity, there have been many sightings wherein the previous owners of the inn have been seen residing and sitting together with the patrons of today’s world.

Paranormal Activity Ram Inn

Paranormal Activity Ram Inn

Allegedly, there are also number of undisclosed locations in this inn such as tunnels and underground cellars said to house the inmates of untimely deaths or incidents which have resulted in their death of bad fortune. Bones and other remains of people who are thought to be previous owners of the ancient Ram Inn have also been found out here according to the stories which may well be rather the truth than legends.

One of the Most Haunted Places in the World

The Ram Inn has been the focus of many research and TV coverage due to the many sightings of paranormal apparitions. The researchers have made movies in this house which has been broadcasted in TV presentations like Most Haunted Places in the World, and Ghost Adventures for example. Journalists on their turn have also interviewed people who work at Ram Inn as well as mediums and shamans known to communicate with these restless souls.

It is not surprising that many people leave their rooms and check out in the middle of the night after hearing and witnessing things out of the blue.

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Ram Inn image courtesy of Kcalb
Paranormal activity photo courtesy of Will & Ed

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8 Responses to “Ram Inn”
  1. I saw this location on Ghost Adventures and this place is def. haunted. I am very interested in learning more about this place. Thanks for the info found here.

  2. Aaron says:

    Really like your site. What would improve it, is if you would add some pictures, to spice things up a bit.

  3. Wonderful site.plz add many more stories and pictures.

  4. Val Young says:

    It would be useful if you could add details of weather people could go and stay there and the price. Good site, keep up the good work!

  5. sakari says:

    the ancient ram inn was actually built right in the middle of the ley lines which has tons to do with these poltergeists and ghosts/spirits. not only does the ram inn intersect in the middle of the ley lines so doe stone henge. one of mans greatest artifacts. not only is the ram inn extremely haunted but is still being dug up for more ancient human remains, mainly children, that were used for sacrifices during that time period or era.

  6. Roy says:

    @Val Young … you can get details of how to contact John at the inn at this link

  7. Frances G says:

    I never tire of reading about the Ancient Ram Inn! It sounds fascinating and I would love to visit some day!

  8. Marie says:

    I read about this Inn online and must admit to being horrified by the bones of children found there. Apparently, slaughtered in some Satanic worship.

    Truly dreadful. 🙁

    While I know of it’s historic standing, I can’t help but feel the whole establishment should raised down to the ground, in honor of the people (especially the children) who died there. In it’s place, maybe a stone cross can be erected in the name of every soul (that we know of) who lost their lives there – old and young.

    This pays homage to the past, but with hope for peace, God’s own love and charity for the future.

    Dreadful place. I despise this Inn. 🙁

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