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Windsor Castle Haunted

Windsor Castle haunted is the largest inhabited castle in the world and is the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II. With a history of nearly a thousand years, it is the repository of some of the greatest works of art from the Royal Collection including drawings by Da Vinci and paintings by Rembrandt. One of the best examples of medieval churches in England, the St. George’s Chapel, is in the castle grounds. Started in 1475 by Edward IV, this chapel took 50 years to complete. It is the official home of the Order of the Garter. It is also the final resting place of 10 monarchs, including Edward IV, Charles I, George V, George VI and Henry VIII.

Windsor Castle Haunted

Photo of Windsor Castle - Courtesy of bitca

With such a tremendous concentration of highly-placed spiritual aura, it is not at all surprising that Windsor Castle haunted is also a veritable hive of paranormal activities. Some of the ghosts are of royal lineage. Others are that of less distinguished family trees. Some specters are partial to particular parts of the Windsor Castle haunted while others roam all over the place. Yet others consider the vicinity outside the castle walls more conducive to haunting.

Hauntings inside the Windsor Castle Haunted

The deanery is the haunt of a young boy who shouts, “I don’t want to go riding today.”

Some people have heard ghostly footsteps in the deanery which could possibly be that of the young boy stomping off in petulance. The “Prison Room” in the Norman Tower has a paranormal manifestation of its own. It could be that of a former Royalist prisoner from the English Civil War era. Children who played in the room had seen this ghost and adults had felt it brush past them. In the Curfew Tower, ghostly footsteps have been heard going up and down the staircase. There was one occasion when the temperature became uncharacteristically chilly and the bells in the tower began to swing of their own accord.

In 1873, there was another incident of paranormal presence. A visitor came to the Windsor Castle haunted at night. He saw something new near St. George’s Chapel. There was a extra set of statues there. Altogether there were four additional statues. Three were standing, all in black. The fourth was crouching down. The main standing statue was posed in the act of striking with a large sword. The visitor, intrigued, went to ask the sentry on duty about the new addition to the resident statuary. The sentry was nonplussed because he had not been informed of any developments in that area. He went back with the visitor to see what it was all about. When they arrived at the spot, there was nothing amiss. In fact, there was nothing at all like what the visitor had described.

Supernatural statuary was part of another spiritual manifestation. In 1927, a young Grenadier Guard was on duty. In the early hours of the morning, he saw some marble statues come alive. It was too much for him and he shot himself in the head. Immediately after his death, at least two of his colleagues, including a Sergeant Leake, had seen his ghost still on duty on the Long Walk.

Ghosts in the Windsor Castle Haunted Park

Some people have heard of the story of Herne the Hunter, a prominent specter at Windsor Castle haunted. Some of them discounted the story as just folklore. But then, in 1962, a group of young people went into the forest of Windsor Park. They found a hunting horn. Out of curiosity, one of them blew the horn. Immediately, the call to hunt was answered by another horn, followed by the baying of hounds. Then Herne the Hunter appeared, riding on a black horse, complete with antlers on his head. Needless to say, the young people did not need any prompting to make themselves scarce.

The main visitors’ entrance to Windsor Castle haunted had been the site of some visitors coming from the other side. In April 1906, a sentry was on duty at the top of the pathway. A group of men appeared out of nowhere and started walking toward him. Suspicious, the sentry challenged the intruders. They did not even miss a single step and continued walking toward him.

A second challenge went unanswered. When the third challenge met with no response, the sentry cocked his rifle. He fired at the leading figure. The effect was minimal. The man who was shot just paused for a moment. Then the whole group continued approaching the sentry. It was to his credit that the sentry stood his ground. He raised his bayonet and prepared to charge at the intruders. Suddenly the entire group of advancing men just vanished into thin air.

The sentry immediately reported the incident to his commanding officer. A full-scale search was made of the castle and the grounds. However, no intruders were found. The poor sentry was confined to the barracks for three days for his unsubstantiated report.

Paranormal Activity in the Vicinity of Windsor Castle Haunted

In the nearby Church Lane, there is building named Codeys. This structure, according to the sign on its front, was built in 1423. In the early 1980s, it was the premises of the Engine House Restaurant. One day, a member of the staff saw an apparition. She told the Windsor and Eton Express that the ghost wore a stiff white collar, a hat like a Quaker and had long flowing hair and a beard. The ghost just appeared before her and then vanished without saying a word.

The manageress of the restaurant told the newspaper that her staff had often heard somebody moving about upstairs when no one was up there. An even more tangible evidence of paranormal activity was found in the bath. Often, a large male footprint would be found there, when there were no men living in or working on the premises.

From Church Lane, it is just a short distance to Park Street. In Park Street, there are massive wooden gates which belonged to the Black Horse Yard. This is the name of an old inn that used to stand on that spot. At night, some people have seen a ghostly coach galloping from this dismal passageway. The coach was drawn by two huge black horses. Exiting the passageway, the coach would make an abrupt turn to the right and raced off toward the gates of Windsor Park. Then it would slowly fade into the darkness.

It is said that the coach carried the ghost of one of the royal physicians who was racing against time to save the life of the dying King Charles II. Legend has it that this ghostly coach would appear just before the demise of a monarch. The last manifestation was in 1910, just before the final fatal illness of Edward VII. Check out the link below to read the first part of our report about Windsor Castle Haunted.


So when you make a visit to Windsor Castle haunted, keep an eye out for things that rush past in the night. Don’t be surprised, too, if there are more statues than stated in the guide book.

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